About Allure

Permanent Makeup can make such a difference for people of all ages and many are experiencing an array of benefits it can bring to their lives.

Celebrities across the world are using permanent makeup to highlight features, hide imperfections and boost their confidence and now so can you. Permanent makeup is growing in popularity as an ever increasing amount of women are discovering the amazing transformation that it can give as well as being the envy of all their friends !!

Think about how good you are going to look with stunning new designed eyebrows, defined eyes and luscious pouting lips all day long without any effort. At work, rest and play you will always be looking your best with nobody knowing your newest beauty secret.

No more wasted time pencilling in your eyebrows, perfecting your eye liner and lips even before you dare step out and start your day. Making you look and feel stunning, saving you time and money on expensive brand name makeups that always require re-applying.

Our specialist micropigmentation technicians will use advanced techniques that will give you a look which is natural, professional and so impressive that unless you tell your friends they will never know and always wonder why you are looking younger and fresher no matter what you are doing & how busy your schedule is.

Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements further by any method on our contacts page.