Plasma Fibroblast

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The next best thing to surgery for facial skin tightening, plumping & lifting. If you don’t want to go under a surgeons knife then this non intrusive surgical procedure re-energises your skins natural production of collagen that has slowed with age.

This latest technique uses a plasma fibroblast probe to rejuvenate those collagen cells in your skin which react by plumping & firming the area of treatment.

The Plasma Fibroblast probe instantly tightens and plumps your skin for immediate effect and will continue to increase the skins initial response for a further 12 weeks.

The effect can last years and a second treatment can be conducted for those more troublesome lined areas.

From crows feet to troublesome loose turkey neck and mummy tummies, this pioneering treatment can really boost your confidence.

Full healing time is just 5-7 days.

We can supply a concealer make-up to get you back to work the next day as only tiny small carbon crusts are visible after treatment.

All of the common wrinkle areas are able to benefit from this ground breaking treatment. Why suffer from your problematic loose skin any longer?!

Scarring, stretch-marks and skin tags can also be reduced using this amazing technique.

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