Scalp Micropigmentation

No downtime

Instant results

Thinning hair areas and thicker appearance

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We can help you regain your confidence and youthful looks with a new scalp procedure designed for natural hair loss, scarring and alopecia.

Using semi-permanent specialist ink we implant thousands of small dots into the scalp to give a visual representation of hair stubble to give that ‘just shaved’ buzz cut natural look back to your head.

The technique can be used for thinning hair areas also as it can add a thicker appearance to the existing hair line.

We have treated many various circumstances and types of hair loss areas so please get in touch for a chat about what you require and how we can help you regain that youthful confidence again.

The procedure is in three treatment parts. Each session can take up to 3 hours of careful placement of ink pigment dots on the scalp.

After the three sessions 10-14 days apart your scalp will successfully look like it has buzz cut hair follicle stubble giving you that youthful shaved head of hair look.

Please see the ESQUIRE Scalp Aesthetics Facebook page for current pictures and more information on the procedures available.

Here are some images of the procedures for both full head micropigmentation, alopecia and hair thinning treatments available for both male & females.

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Img 0008 min
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